We recommend starting with a high level assessment of an opportunity on each of the four value categories.

At TPP we do this with the QuickScan template below. Click here to make a copy.

The goal of this scan is to check and record if you have good reasons to spend more time looking at an opportunity. This is meant to be short, simple and intuitive. But we find it is useful because it provides disciplined both on which opportunities we filter out and what we focus on with the opportunities that pass this initial filter.

We would recommend filtering for opportunities that score exceptional in at least one category (though whether or not this makes sense is a matter of context). That said, since by ‘good’ we mean better than average, it could also make sense to continue due diligence on opportunities that are good in several categories - as that is arguably exceptional in its own way.

If investor contribution is indeed an important consideration for an opportunity (i.e. at a high level it looks ‘good’ or ‘exceptional’) then we use the Investor Contribution Scan template to assess it at a more granular level.

super-embed:<iframe style="min-height:1150px;width:800px;" src="https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vQgTB95p_IjxPmMqOVnfQy1VMTwQz87dfGv_ChaU6i331N4dlz0ikeLL3rEyV7wQPaf1uuznkOjAqC4/pub?embedded=true"></iframe>