Investing for Impact and our Framework can be applied to any area of investment.

    However, as a small team we have so far focused only on a few high priority areas. We have prepared reports on the landscape for investing in Biosecurity and in Climate. Our goal is to highlight the investment implications of these areas, not to comprehensively detail all the research behind why these risks are global priorities.

    The reasons we are focused on these areas are:


    These areas all related to issues that are systematically neglected. The issues guiding our view on the landscape are neglected both because they affect others (different nations, future generations, animals) and because they are about extreme risks that are hard to comprehend and unlikely to occur any given year (but likely to occur at some time this century). Even in the case of COVID-19, an event that massively disrupted the lives of everyone on Earth, we’ve still seen a substantial lack of investment in vaccine manufacturing capacity and other ways of controlling the spread of the virus, relative to what economists recommended.

    Catalytic value.

    We believe that progress on these areas can, by example, stimulate and reinvigorate progress in other areas. We have chosen these areas as they are objectively global priorities and we believe that if exceptional opportunities in these areas can be proven then similar approaches can then be applied to other areas. We also expect that there are many smart people skilled at investing in related areas who may never have thought about how their work can contribute to efforts to avert extreme risks.


    These areas appear to have opportunities within them that are ‘robust’. That is, they seem generally positive from a number of perspectives, and unlikely to be negative.

    Contact us for more information on these landscapes.

    We have also listed some of the most important BACOs in the overall landscape.