TPP is a knowledge creation initiative that advises leading impact-driven investors who are focused on maximizing their positive impact on the world and helping others do the same.

To generate robust knowledge TPP both advises investors on practical ways to maximize their portfolio impact and engages in research to develop new best practice ideas. TPP aims to work across silos of knowledge and experience, and to be an entity that impartially combines the best ideas from both investment management and philanthropy.

‘Total Portfolio’ has three primary meanings:
  1. Our primary goal is to maximize the ‘Total Portfolio’ of positive impacts that we have over time. 
  2. We see all investments, from traditional ones to philanthropy, as part of a ‘Total Portfolio’ of tools for maximizing our impact. Given this, we seek to incorporate best practice models from multiple fields (including finance and philanthropy) into our decision making. 
  3. We recognize that each of our individual portfolios is just a small part of the ‘Total Portfolio’ of investors looking to make a positive contribution to the world and to future generations. In a sense we take the concept of universal ownership and run with it. As part of this ‘Total Portfolio’ all positive contributions are valuable to us, whether or not they came from our own investments. This simple perspective has profound implications for our approach. For example, with an individual portfolio we may be willing to make more big risky bets, more than would be acceptable for a traditional portfolio, if this is best for the community as a whole.
What TPP is:
  • A non-profit initiative.
  • 100% independent and mission-driven. We do not charge for our tools and advice.
What TPP is not:
  • An investment manager, investment advisor, investment fund, consultancy or financial planner. We sometimes (often) collaborate with organizations that match these profiles but they have their roles and we have ours.
  • A membership community. There are several excellent communities for different types of investors run by amazing people. Our advisees are often members of one of more such groups. We do like to think of everyone involved with TPP as part of our ‘community’ but this is only informal.